Press Release:

New point-and-click adventure game from Cleo developer Christoph Schultz announced.

Monday, May 1, 2023 – Attention genre lovers! Solo developer Christoph Schultz announced his new project today: His second game “A Pretty Broken Adventure” will be a classic point-and-click. The Steam page released today shows first screenshots of a colorful and twisted fantasy world.

As with his debut title “Cleo – a pirate’s tale”, Christoph Schultz will focus initially on development for PC and Mac. However, it is not excluded that the game will also be released for consoles.

For all those interested in the development of “A Pretty Broken Adventure”, a monthly devlog will be published on the Steam page and on YouTube, giving a detailed and honest insight into the development process. The first episode has already been released with the announcement.





Social Media: @Christoph_Dev (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch)


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