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Sequel to the award-winning game

A Fisherman’s Tale was released on PS4 (PSVR) and Windows platforms on January 22, 2019. The game received “generally favorable” reviews according to Metacritic. A sequel, Another Fisherman’s Tale, was released just recently. I never player the first installment, but with the sequel, I wanted to give it a go.

Story, Gameplay, Controls and Visuals

Another Fisherman’s Tale tells a story of a fisherman, Bob, who get shipwrecked and his puppet-body goes into pieces. First thing player had to do is to get Bob’s body parts together—then the story itself begins. Bob goes in a mind-bending adventure as he tires to find ever mysterious place called Libertalia. On his way he has to go through all kinds of obstacles, puzzles and characters. The story is told through the eyes of his daughter Nina, who finds miniature collection in the basement and tries to put the story together.

The story was good and heartwarming (even little bit thought-provoking) and it held together all the way from beginning to the end. I also liked all the characters and how they were portrayed.

The gameplay and controls were OK, but they had their flaws. It took some time to get used to the controls. In the beginning they felt off, but playing it little bit I got used to them. But, the basic movement was a struggle mostly. It was like controlling a drunk sailor, or something. I’m not sure was it intentional design from the devs or not. There is area where player is under water and controlling Bob sensibly was just impossible to do, yet to do puzzles at the same time.

Talking about the puzzles, well, they were rather easy to solve (be mindful of, that this is a game for kids, so they cannot be overly difficult). Some of the were clever, but some of them little bit enraging to do due to the controls. All the puzzles weren’t the same and it was exciting to see new puzzles in each area.

Visually I liked how Another Fisherman’s Tale looked. All the graphics were clear, sharp and simplified. Character designs were also nicely done, giving all the characters their character.

The Final Sail

Another Fisherman’s Tale was rather enjoyable experience. It had excellent storytelling, but it does fumble with the controls. The game was about 3-4 hours long and I didn’t have any dull moments with it. I do recommend it to everyone who owns PSVR2 system.

Another Fisherman’s Tale can be played on PSVR2 and PC.

(Review copy kindly provided by the publisher)



“The story was good and heartwarming (even little bit thought-provoking) and it held together all the way from beginning to the end”

7-1 fear

RELEASE DATE: May 11, 2023
GENRE: Adventure
PUBLISHER: Vertigo Games
PLATFORMS: PS5/PSVR2 (reviewed)
Meta Quest 2
Steam VR

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